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Is this Chapter 7 (enforceable by military means)? Or just Chapter 6 (only looks for negotiations)?

Vital Perspective

The characterizations of Chapter VII and Chapter VI are more nuanced than that, but OK for the sake of argument. This is a Chapter VI resolution.


Leaked Copy of the Security Council Resolution
Vital Perspective exclusive: We have obtained a copy of the draft Security Council resolution I am setting a time-line for 1701.

Can anyone tell me at what time on August 11 was the draft leaked?

Vital Perspective

Eli --

We can look up what time we posted the document, but why the strange question?

Vital Perspective

Eli --

Sorry, should have read your comment more carefully... a timeline I see...

Well I can tell you this, the post went 'live' at 16:24 in Washington DC. Now the UNSCR had to be typed and then checked for any errors and/or omissions from the text provided to us. That being said, if I had to give an estimate, my colleague and I likely received the document at about 16:00.

Hope that helps. Thanks for your readership and when you have the timeline together, please let us know. We'd love to take a look.

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