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Bill Faith

Linked from Old War Dogs >> "This wouldn't have happened without Bush & Bolton" (Udated, bumped)

"Folks, the more I learn about it the more it sounds like Isreal just got Muniched. If, IF, some multinational entity other than the disUnited Nations is willing to station enough troops in Lebanon to really and truly cut off arms shipments to Hezbollah it might work. Otherwise ... "

Steve Schippert

Assuming the full text follows the bits released without surprise, Israel should ignore the UN, France and the US and continue doing the work no one else in the world is willing to do.

Otherwise, Hizballah is about to be saved by the bell.

Hizballah is not, repeat NOT going to disarm willingly, Sheeba Farms give-back or none.

Who is going to fight them? France??? What would they do, throw the reams of official UN Resolutions at them?

Get real or just get out of the way.


Who says either Israel, or Hizbollah will accept anytime soon? I don't think they will. Besides, it will take another week of U.N. blather to get any resolution passed and at least 4 to 6 weeks to be implemented.


Relax everyone, the Lebanese government has rejected it.

Go Israel! Take your gloves off and finish the job.

I wish this conflict was looked at in its entirety, not just picking bits out of context to push a point.

What I don't understand is how the UN can allow the Arabs who have repeatedly rejected their resolutions at the time they were made, gone on to fight Israel, then allow the Arab losers to claim those resolutions after they've lost.

The UN is rewarding rejecting aggressors. This is no way to promote peace.

Mike's America

Let's just say we've all seen this movie before and the ending is always the same.

Lots of self-congratulatory backslapping at the UN and no implementation.

I'd like to say things would be different this time, but more a hope than anything else.


Ridiculuous, wat ever happened to mandate 1559. The hizb will never learn. I hope israel rejects it

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