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Needs a timetable:


#12 could be a problem depending on Who is really calling the shots, Remember Hez is still part of the Lebanese government and I don't see any thing that changes that in the proposal. A list of allowed defensive weapons from UNIFIL with some monitoring might help if the UN could find some cajones.


I don't think this is nearly as good as some people are suggesting it. As I point out here, the problem is that it calls for a cease fire without specifying the composition or rules of engagement for the multinational force which will be responsible for disarming Hezbollah and preventing smuggling of weapons from Iran and Syria. Once Israeli bombing stops, so will international support for a robust peacekeeping force with real teeth and competence.

While it is impracticable to actually insert a new force prior to a cease fire, there is no reason not to go ahead and pass a resolution authorizing such a force, naming which troops will participate, and specifying its rules of engagement and mandate. That resolution should be part of any cease fire resolution, not separate from it.

Margaret Beckett

"12. Calls upon the Government of Lebanon to ensure arms or related materiel are not imported into Lebanon without its consent and requests UNIFIL, conditions permitting, to assist the Government of Lebanon at its request;"

Meanwhile the US will ship WMD using DU with the assistance of the UK ti Israel.

Meanwhile the US will supply Raptor F-22's to israel.

Even-handed ? Si Hez.B are going to live with this.?

"Expresses its intention, upon confirmation to the Security Council that the Government of Lebanon and the Government of Israel have agreed in principle to the principles and elements for a long-term solution as set forth in paragraph 6 above,"

So how can the Leb Gubment sign off for Hez.B. ?

Keeps the lawyers happy - what's that line in Henry VI "First thing is, we'll kill all the lawyers ?"

None of these agreements mean anything if the Lebanon and Isreal representatives are not there.

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