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I'm not clear on why you would assume that Wolf Blitzer would have "Israeli officials galore" on the program. He is as slippery and slanted as they come and I suspect that Chuck and Bouithaina will have the customary license to spin without challenge. If Israeli officials appear, they will be set up to be skewered by the ensuing "spontaneous" dialog between Wolf's pet guests.

Vital Perspective

The content of the reporting notwithstanding, the man is reporting from Jerusalem. Odds are, with a two hour show, he'll be filling his airtime with government and/or military officials.

H.G. Chaney

This is a massive PR effort to bolster fading support here in the U.S. and a huge damage control effort as Mr. Blair made a personal visit to deliver the "you guys are on your own on this one"...Britain will change leadership if need be and Blair is keenly aware. Further, the military situation is unsustainable, the only countries being "degraded" are the U.S. and Israel, but few recognize what is really at work here. Make no mistake, the assault on Beirut hit Americans where Katrina left off and people have no stomach for such destruction let alone the civilian suffering and refugee displacement. As for news media, they are clueless to the military aspects. The sudden appearance of longer range missiles is just the next step in a process to draw troops farther into Lebanon. More to come on that subject. The Iranians were VIP guests at the July 4th North Korean fireworks show. As the spin rolls off, declaring victory, the urgency to disengage and defuse will become more intense and may very well be greeted with a NO by opposing interests. I expect a capability to strike ever farther inland to be demonstrated as the battle plan evolves. Israel made maybe the biggest error of it's history by alienating Lebanon, a country on their border. Ye shall reap what ye sew. Having a non-military man at Israel's helm has been a huge mistake and many know it. There is Imo, a larger orchestration ongoing. China's Pres. Hu recently made a whirlwind global tour and suddenly everyone anti-US is emboldened. It is the U.S. that is being degraded, taken down. We don't have the troops, we can't sustain the funding and we can't hold the ground. Debt mounts, the Dollar is in de facto devaluation vis a vis gold and crude oil as well as other key commodities. IMO, "we" are no longer in control of this and many other issues. The scramble is on to save faces...Blaming Condi Rice is not going to change the resultant events unfolding. So, as I expect a hailstorm of rebuttal, humor me and assume the following...everyone continues their rhetoric, but the missiles keep hitting farther into Israel with no letup as larger and larger configurations are introduced. Move the "buffer zone up?" What then? This is not going to end because we declare so. Trouble is brewing, it is by no coincidence that the 82nd Air Borne is being deployed. Where that manpower is intended to be utilized has yet to be determined, but look for the unexpected, like a needed defense from Turkish intrusions into Northern Iraqi oil fields. If the U.S. leaves a power vacuum in that region we will reap what WE sew.

Glenn Chaney Looks like the Turks are going to move on northern Iraqi oil fields..."Ahab" discouraged them the last time...Iraq is the equvalent of a fresh kill by a single lion, now being encircledby a pack of hienas. There will be conflict it seems. Will the lion be driven off or added to the evenings "catch?" MAJOR steps will have to be taken to ensure northern Iraq remains NON-TURK...Look for U.S. forces to entrench to defend the source of FREEDOM.

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