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UPDATE 06/27 @ 18:20: Hamas leaders holding Shalit hostage considered smuggling him into Egypt via the Rafah crossing through tunnels in the area.

What's your source on this?


... and there's my question answered.


And thanks for liveblogging this!


From TFA:

Some 2,500 Egyptian border guards were deployed in the Rafah area on Monday - the former Philadelphi Route - due to fears that the people who abducted Shalit would try to smuggle him into Egypt, Palestinian sources said.


Yeah, thanks for doing this.


I could have been totally mistaken, but the link to the TFA was not there when that update was originally posted.

Not that I'm complaining, mind you.


Good job. Lefties still silent on incursion.


Once again, Vital Perspective is the reliable source. Thanks!


stutefish, probably a timing problem. :)


My prayers are with the IDF. Thanks for the blog!

Laurence Simon

If the Guardian story makes you sick, the Arab News editorial will cause you to heave your guts up.

Robert Stevens

IDF spokesperson Noa Meir on CNN INTNL says IDF has an "idea" where Cpl Shalit is.


my thoughts are with you and all Israeli's at this moment, keep up the good work with the live updates.

Right of Center

Thanks for the reporting and know that many Americans stand with Israel.

Papa Ray

"We don't know of any other country that would do otherwise."

Oh yes you do. The United States.

You see what Bush has done after two of our Soldiers were kidnapped, captured or whatever and then tortured and slaughtered?

Nothing, not even a harsh word from our Commander in Chief.

Yet, when the Russians lose three men to murder, he is sending wires left and right, making announcements and consoling Phoney Putin.

Bush has lost his balls somewhere, Dr. Rice may have them in her pocket.

Papa Ray
West Texas


Thank you very much for your coverage. I'm adding you to my blog. I will return tomorrow for further coverage. Again, thank you.


hey - thanks for the liveblogging. got you bookmarked.
Go IDF! - and i hope to God that they rescue that soldier.

Papa Ray

Here is what a real leader does:

Putin Orders His Security Agents to Hunt Down Those Who Killed 4 Russian Hostages in Iraq
MOSCOW (AP) -- "President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday ordered Russia's special services to hunt down the killers of four Russian hostages in Iraq, the Kremlin said. "The president has ordered the special forces to take all necessary measures to find and destroy the criminals who killed Russian diplomats in Iraq," the Kremlin press service said.

It did not specify what forces might be involved. Agents of the Foreign Intelligence Service and the Federal Security Service - the main successor to the KGB - could be considered special forces."

Putin and Russia, have no troops in Iraq, in fact they have been against our actions in Iraq from the beginning. Yet, Putin has ordered his Special Forces troops to go into Iraq and destroy those responsible for the killing of the Russian diplomats.

And he didn't even ask Bush for permission.

Papa Ray
West Texas


"Putin has ordered his Special Forces troops to go into Iraq and destroy those responsible for the killing of the Russian diplomats."
ya gotta love Pooty Poot's directness. and considering the contacts that the Russians have with the ex-Saddam Ba'athists, they very well might succeed.

Putin is sending a clear message here - don't f**k with Russians, ever. (especially ex-KGB types like Putin)


Here's how the BBC are reporting - making out that its all Israel's fault - as per usual:

"Violence before diplomacy" is the headline.

( huh? wasnt there a flurry of diplomatic efforts made before the IDF incursion?)

Steve Schippert

"Violence before diplomacy" is the headline.

...well that describes Hamas' actions just perfectly, don't you think?

Let's not forget that this started with an attack with advanced anti-tank shoulder-fired missiles, an extensive tunnel system and a refusal to engage in 'diplomacy' with Israel.

Keep the headline and just scrub the story.


As my friend Jeff commented: "What are the French going to do for the Palestineans in this conflict, surrendar for them?"

p.s.: love the work you are doing.


'violence before diplomacy' WTF - diplomacy was given a go in this instance by the israelis, it failed. like the numerous other diplomatic attempts at resolving the issue. the pali's WANT to be annihiliated - come on now the jews have just got too much support and sympathy from the nazi haulocaust, they want their own haulocaust so if israel wont do it voluntarily, they'll create it.

find it interesting the lack of media coverage in the west. my take is the west is sick and tired of the pali's too.

Robert Stevens

CNN INTNL: IDF has arrested the Pal. Deputy Prime Minister.

Robert Stevens

AP Header at 8:37 EST...

Palestinian Group Says Israeli Executed

AP Header at 8:48 EST...

Hamas Leaders Arrested; Israeli Executed


God bless Eliyah Esheri.

Maurice Sonnenwirth

I want to add to the list of folks thanking you for the updates. I am SO sick of reading the AP stories that are so clearly biased, and besides, your updates are more timely.

THANKS for your work.

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