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Thanks for the info. I must say, they sound quite reasonable. I was really expecting to hear a lot of wacky, over-the-top childish nonsense - since that is the reputation that has been peddled about this group. But I read this stuff and it seems unobjectionable. Thanks for helping to unravel the negative spin about this group!

Asher - Dreams Into Lightning

Have to agree with Tano. I'm no fan of ANSWER, but I've heard a lot worse. The Iraq war was "criminal"? Hardly an original sentiment. Some not terribly flattering things about Washington and Lincoln? Big deal. Illegal workers are "slaves"? Idiotic, but again, no shock.

The post claims that you "witnessed first hand the intermarriage of radical socialism and militant Islam," but the quotes provide little evidence of this. You also admit, "We had hoped for some wild rhetoric on the Middle East, but the topic of discussion was immigration, and despite our best efforts to steer the conversation to foreign policy, the speakers stayed on topic." I'm sorry, but this doesn't sound much better than NBC's NASCAR stunt.

I think you've probably helped ANSWER more than you've hurt them here: even your cherry-picked quotes are fairly tame, and it looks like the organizers weren't naive about the likelihood of infiltrators (be they police or bloggers). Sure, I'd love to see something damning about ANSWER, but this isn't it.


true. progressive hate speech has been so far mainstreamed that its difficult to "get the goods" on them. also, it's not the cold war anymore, by which i don't mean to say that answer and related groups are innocuous -- quite the opposite: the american fifth collumn is no longer a factotem of of a foreign agency who's ties and associations can be discovered through this kind of reporting. they are instead the best financed and organized part of global radical anti-americanism. there's no conspiracy, they're up front about it.


tano, keep in mind that when they speak of revolution, they mean the kind with guns. the system they seek to implant at the end of this revolution can be surmised from their defense of the soviet union and n. korea.


Is that house on Mass Ave?


If there were only 20 folks there, how do you know 18 or so weren't conservatives pretending to be radicals to hear the message? That could explain the really low attendence at anti-war rallies if the bulk of their base were really curious spies.


jummy, keep in mind that their are over 170 million law abiding gunowners in America, who will never allow anyone, even the current government system, to change the USA into anything other than the "Republic for which it stands".

For anyone to go against the "well regulated militia", would be insanity, and certain death.

That is why I love the 2nd Amendment most!

Vital Perspective

The address is on their flyer, Granddaddy, but it's not on Mass Ave...

Appreciate the comments Jummy... Tano, I think this serves two points: (1) Protestors otherwise not involved with them need to know who they're associating with; and (2) it shows their anti-American, anti-capitalism, anti-globalization positions. If you wanted Death to America, read the latest on any given day from Tehran.

I don't see how you can find their material unobjectionable. Perhaps we agree to disagree? Becker drools over the possibility of the "ultimate revolution" - what do you think that means?

Asher - think you may have mistaken our lead in. The comments themselves don't support the statement, their prior behavior does. Also, we specifically cover the Middle East. It's not like the Middle East isn't one of their big issues. We thought it would be important to our readers to get their positions down cold.

Vital Perspective

rjschwarz -- WP expects 100,000 to show up on Monday in DC...


Asher and Tano: If you'd like to see some examples of IA lunacy, visit their site (here) which has more than enough for anyone. If you're still not convinced, try FrontPageMag (here) for some especially horrific riffs.

Jim Speers

Thank you for your analysis. I have felt for several years that there were strong communist links to the worldwide Islamic terrorist movement. Just because the USSR collapsed doesn't mean the communist movement no longer seeks world domination as a central goal. It is no coincidence that Russia and China are arming the mullahs in Iran. The North Koreans are probably selling them what they have trouble getting from the "legitimate" governments of China and Russia, too (nerve gas, biological agents, etc.)

Alexander Alt

Just because 20 nutters attended and said some not-so-over-the-top things, does not make this group free of a great need of psychotherapy.

ANSWER is one of the biggest threats to American security. That they are openly cooperating with foreign enemies of America, including illegal aliens, shows just how dangerous they truly are.

Asher - Dreams Into Lightning

VP, I understand that. But it wasn't a Mideast-related event. I am sure there's no shortage of video, audio, and transcript of ANSWER spouting off about the Middle East; what you've got here, though, is an immigration-related event where they talked about immigration.

Palamas, you don't have to convince me. Really. My point is just that if the VP folks were trying to "get the goods" on ANSWER at this particular event, it looks like they came up with very little. At least in the way of Mideast-related material, and as VP says, this is a Middle East -related site.

I would agree with VP that the comments are not "unobjectionable" but I do think they're comparatively tame; so it's hard for me to see how this specific incident is going to turn anyone against ANSWER. There's plenty of far more incriminating stuff out there already, as Palamas has indicated.


"I kill a communist for fun, but for a green card, I gonna carve him up real nice. "

- Tony Montana


Interesting stuff. Did you ask your questions in such a way that they immediately suspected you as the enemy? Or, did you sprinkle in plenty of curse words and slurs against Bush so they thought you were one of them?

Van Helsing

Great undercover work. Someone needs to keep on eye on these nutcases. Whatever comes along, if it is threatening to America, ANSWER will promote it. Daylight is the best antiseptic, but no daylight will be shined on these folks by the MSM, you can be sure of it.

Young Goodman Brown

...witnessed first hand the intermarriage of radical socialism and militant Islam

What "militant Islam" did you witness first hand?


In December 2003, [ANSWER] helped to convene the second annual Cairo Conference, an anti-U.S. hate fest attended by a variety of Islamists, including Osama Hamdan, a top leader of Hamas. ANSWER has also given a seat on its steering committee to the Muslim Students Association (MSA). This American group presents itself as a benign advocate for Muslim college students. But as Jonathan Dowd-Gailey has recently documented in the Middle East Quarterly, the MSA has funneled money to the Holy Land Foundation and other charities accused of funding Hamas and Hizballah. MSA leaders have called for the death of all Jews and have spread pro-Taliban propaganda. The group advises its members that their “long-term goal” should be “to Islamicize the politics of their respective universities.”

Indeed, for radicals in the U.S. and Europe, any taboo that may once have kept them from openly collaborating with known Islamic terrorists has largely disappeared . . . in September, an “international strategy meeting” was being held in Beirut under the title, “Where Next for the Global Anti-War and Anti-Globalization Movements?” Among the hundreds of groups in attendance, from over fifty nations, were such pillars of the anti-globalization hard Left as Focus on the Global South, a think tank devoted to issues of international trade; ATTAC, a socialist network with branches across Europe and Latin America and links to European political parties; and CorpWatch, an American group that monitors corporate influence on politics.

And who was on hand as a conference host to welcome the delegates to Beirut . . . None other than . . . Hizballah, along with local Islamists and secular leftists. Though the conference did include radical advocates for the rights of women and other minorities, attendees seemed to have no problem taking directions from a group whose clerical overlords believe in a version of Islam that sentences homosexuals and adulterers to death by stoning.

by Joshua Kurlantzick

I've collected many articles and information on the Left-Jihadist connection, if you are interested in them please e-mail me.

Young Goodman Brown

Perhpas my question wasn't clear. What militant Islam did you witness first hand, as you claim to have done above?

Vital Perspective

Young Goodman Brown - always happy to take questions and respond back to comments - from time to time though we get sidetracked with actual work, so we apologize for the delay.

Through no fault of your own - and we see how it could be misunderstood - our statement of witnessing first hand the "intermarriage of radical socialism and militant Islam" has nothing to do with the context of what happened this past Wednesday night. Instead, it relates back to the well established and documented behavior and positions the organization has taken. Hope that clears things up. If not, send us an email, we'll respond quicker that way.


The comment that Abraham Lincoln was a racist shouldn't be a great shock. If taken out of the context of the 1860's and moved into the context of 2006, the comment is at least arguable. Any student of un-revised history could make that argument.

That aside, how could anyone it an IQ over 20 believe that illegal immigrants are wage slaves? It sounds nice, but the argument only works if you are predisposed to believe anything the idiot said. They were not captured, placed in chains and brought to the US against their will. They willingly came to the US, evading all means in use to prevent them from coming. And nothing prevents them from returning home.

I'm a bit tired of all the fellow travelers who buy into "it's ok to break the law and we should encourage it." That is not being anti-immigrant.

Steve Sadlov

Arrest all traitors, prosecute treason. Expand domestic espionage investigations. We are being attacked from within by sworn enemies. If we do not start to protect ourselves, we will truly be sorry. It is an emergency. Certain pleasantries have grown long in the tooth. Turning the other cheek to treason, espionage and latent insurgency will no longer work. We must stop being suicidal. What will it take to motivate our leaders to enforce the law?

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