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Marty Edward

This is part of a major conspiracy!!!

Fidelito wasn't ill, he was briefing the Cuban military. His brother has called up the Cuban reserves. Chavez, in Venezuela, has called up that county's reserves.

What I'm afraid will happen is that on 8/22, Iran will announce that it will explode nukes that have been placed in the US if the US does not accept "monitoring" by Venezuelan & Cuban troops.

Islamic facists have smuggled Russian nukes acrossthe Mexican border and placed then in storage facilities in, mostly, southern states. The US will be neutralized while Iranian troops, on high alert today, smash across Iraq to attack Israel.

We may take some nukes, but it will be an opportunity to take out Mecca, Medina, Damascus, Aswan, Tehran, various sites in Iran, very selective Cuban sites, and, probably, eight to ten North Korean sites.

We'll take 10 to 25 million casualties, but the evil doers will be wiped out.

8/22 will be a very bad day!!!


The mad dinnerjacket might be stupid enough for this type of thing, but I don't think the Cubans, let alone Chavez, think that they have a groat's chance of pulling something like that off.

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