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» L'Iran est en bonne route de l'avoir from Le Mont De Sisyphe
Il est temps de se préparer à l'éventualité d'une bombe atomique iranienne, c'est-à-dire qu'il faut s'habituer à l'idée d'une dictature islamiste armée de La Bombe qui menace ses voisins tout en étant capable de faire chanter l'Europe grâce au rayon ... [Read More]

» The Great Game is afoot in Central Asia from Peace Like A River
This will be a challenge for the US, and for the nascent government in Afghanistan. An excerpt above refers to the IAEA report on Iran. That report came out today. [Read More]

» Vital Perspective on the IAEA Condemnation of Iran from Kesher Talk
Vital Perspective has a link to the IAEA report on the Iranian Nuclear Program with analysis.... [Read More]

» IAEA Concerned Over Irans Nuclear Program from In the Bullpen
The IAEA released another report on Iran and it concluded Iran defied the UN Security Council request to halt uranium enrichment and the continued lack of cooperation is a matter of concern. The agency cannot exclude the possibilit... [Read More]

» A l'ombre du nucléaire iranien from Ordre 66 - Décrypter Analyser Informer
"Grâce à Dieu nous sommes un Etat nucléaire". Cette phrase, prononcée hier par le président iranien Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, quelques heures avant l'expiration de l'ultimatum adressé par l'O.N.U. , est le symbole de la naïveté de la diplomatie européenne... [Read More]

» Bolton's Remarks on Iran from Atlas Shrugs
VE_JSEmbedPlayer_Flash7_8('gid328/cid1096', '/gid328/cid1096/J0/VM/1146239621AUHOix52bs0f1vdOAxGC', 'Metal', '', '_auth_=1146243942_311a9c19c3d18f8f4949a2e02a6a5c66%26flashfix.flv', '_auth_=1146243942_ca8ddd137304668e6f6053de048731e8%26flashfix.flv', ... [Read More]

» Iran Nuclear Watch: The IAEA Report - Implementation of the NPT Safeguards Agreement in the Islamic Republic of Iran from FullosseousFlap's Dental Blog
The IAEA report on the Iranian nuclear program is quite damning and points out the 20 years of Irans deception and its total unwillingness to answer for conduct ... [Read More]

» IAEA Report on Iran from Dreams Into Lightning
Via Iran Focus, here (in PDF) is the full text of the IAEA report on Iran's nuclear activities. Vital Perspective has an analysis: The IAEA report on the Iranian nuclear program is quite damning and points out the 20 years [Read More]

» IAEA's Irony from A Blog For All
The IAEA won a Nobel Prize for its so called nuclear nonproliferation stance. Yet, we've repeatedly seen that the IAEA is completely powerless to stop any country that has its mind set on obtaining nuclear weapons. Iran is no such exception. [Read More]

» Bolton's Remarks on Iran from Atlas Shrugs
VE_JSEmbedPlayer_Flash7_8('gid328/cid1096', '/gid328/cid1096/J0/VM/1146239621AUHOix52bs0f1vdOAxGC', 'Metal', '', '_auth_=1146243942_311a9c19c3d18f8f4949a2e02a6a5c66%26flashfix.flv', '_auth_=1146243942_ca8ddd137304668e6f6053de048731e8%26flashfix.flv', ... [Read More]

» Iran's Deadly Agenda from All Things Beautiful
The splitting of the Atom (La separation de l'atome) or Dematerialization near the Nose of Nero by Salvador Dali 1947 It does not come as a great surprise to us that the IAEA report on Iran's nuclear program obtained via my talented friends over @ Vita... [Read More]

» Ahmadinejad: 'Whatcha gonna do about it?' from Pajamas Media
Vital Perspective has the details on the IAEA report regarding Iran's nuclear program. It's as if the IAEA expected something different. More... Russia says to carefully study IAEA report on Iran--Pajamas Media News Oil prices above $72 as Iran found... [Read More]


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