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is 20 seats for Labor out of 120 much better than expected??? give me a break....

Vital Perspective

Ron, just a week ago, a Ha'aretz tracking poll had Labor at 17 seats. The jump from 17 seats to the possibility of 22 is in fact, much better than expected.


7 seats for former mossad agent rafi eitan and Gil(Pensioners party). Netanyahu's economic reforms in his last term have clearly hit hard and people want their pensions to return to the pre-netanyahu days.


Well, Vital, you remind me of the story of the guy who was fishing in a pond and someone comes by and asks him how many fish he caught...
he said..."Well, if I catch this one I'm after, and three more, I will have four...."

So if Labor had won 22 seats it might have been marginally better than expected, but actually they only won 20 out of a Knesset with 120 might have met low expectations but it's a dismal showing for a once great party with great leaders...

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